space + air = known as AIR

Corresponds to people with ’wind-like’ characteristics = dry skin, overactive mind and digestive problems

season = Autumn, when the earth and the trees become dry, the wind moves and swirls the fallen leaves around

• characteristics = dry skin and hair, cold hand and feet, slender physique

imbalance symptoms = gas, constipation and bloating 

force = movement

Foods, too

have their unique Doshic composition:


In order to achieve health,  we must eat the foods

with the opposite qualities to the ones of our Doshas


Vata foods have a dry and cold nature such as crackers, broccoli, and rice.

Vata foods should be eaten by people with Kapha and Pitta composition to balance their Doshas,

and these foods should be avoided by Vata types. 

During the cold and dry autumn months when Vata is dominant,  aim to consume warm and moist foods such as vegetable soups and cooked grains.



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