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According to Ayurveda, everything around us

is influenced by the 5 elements:

Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.


Each and every person has it’s own specific combination of these five elements. These are divided into three Doshas = forces of energy:


These Doshas describe our dominant mind & body state, while

all three are present in everyone,  Ayurveda proposes that we

each have a dominant Dosha


When the Doshas are balanced, we are healthy and happy,

while on the other hand when they are unbalanced, we can develop

disease, and imbalances such as skin problems, poor digestion,

insomnia, irritability, and anxiety.


known as WIND


’wind-like’ characteristics:

dryness, over-thinking often with digestive problems

• season = autumn, when the earth and the trees become dry, the wind moves and swirls the fallen leaves around

characteristics = dry skin and hair, cold hand and feet, slender physique

imbalance symptoms = gas, constipation and bloating 

force = movement


forces of energy

 ’fire-like’ characteristics:

 oiliness, acidity, focus with over-active digestion

• season = summer, when the earth is dry, warm and and everything becomes active and fiery

characteristics = oily skin and hair, warm hand, medium build 

imbalance symptoms = heartburn and acidity

force = transformation


known as FIRE



known as EARTH


’earth-like’ characteristics:

moisture, calmness, steadiness with slow digestion

• season = winter when the earth is cool and Spring when the earth becomes moist from the spring showers

characteristics = combination skin, thick hair, cold hand, thick build  

imbalance symptoms = inflammation and mucus

force = stability


Foods, too have their unique Doshic composition:


In order to achieve health,  we must eat nutritious foods

with the opposite qualities to the ones of our Dosha

Vata foods have a dry and cold nature such as crackers, broccoli, and rice.

Vata foods should be eaten by people with Kapha and Pitta composition to balance their Doshas, and these

foods should be avoided by Vata types.

Pitta foods have a oily and hot nature such as stir-fry, mushrooms and honey.

Pitta food should be eaten by people with Kapha and Vata composition to balance the Doshas, and these foods should be avoided by Pitta types.

Kapha foods have a wet and cold nature such as yogurts, oats, and chocolate. 

Kapha food should be eaten by people with Pitta and Vata composition to balance the Doshas, and these  foods should be avoided by Kapha types


During the hot summer season when Pitta is dominant, aim to eat cooling and refreshing foods, like watermelon and cucumber.

During the cold and dry autumn months when Vata is dominant,  aim to consume warm and moist foods such as vegetable soups and cooked grains.

During the cold and wet spring and winter seasons when Kapha is dominant, aim to eat light foods like greens and berries.

Do you already know your Dosha constitution? Click below to view my DOSHA GOODIES to leran more about balancing your Doshas for overall wellbeing, health and contentment.  


Treat the body and the mind with these vegan and nutrition filled recipes to balance your doshas.


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