Which Dosha Am I?

We are each a mix & a mach of unique energies, called Doshas according to Ayurveda.

In this quiz, Veronika breaks down the percentage of each Dosha within you, to give you a deeper understanding of your true body and mind nature, and showing you how to take the best care

of yourself to achieve overall wellbeing, balance and contentment. 

Try to answer these questions the best you can according to your feelings and appearance in the last 6 months. Some questions might be difficult to answer, as you may find yourself in more than one answers, however select the one answer that corresponds to your current state the closest. 

Please before you submit your form make sure your email address is correct, otherwise we won't be able to send you your Dosha Quiz results.

1. My body frame is:
2. My body:
3. My eyes are:
4. My lips are:
5. My skin is:
6. My hair is:
7. What about body temperature?
8. I often suffer from:
9. My digestion is:
10. I often experience these illness:
11. My sleeps are:
12. I am:
13. I handle stress
14. When I am not myself, I often feel:
15. My qualities are:
16. My career is:
17. My exercise routine is:
18. My dreams are:
19. I don't like...
20. And what about your appetite?

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